8th December 2017


When Tony Taylor of TEACEE invited me to guest blog on Public Speaking for his company, I leapt at the chance.  TEACEE is an amazing, empathic business coaching company that literally changes business-owners’ lives – and I had something to share … it starts like this:

“The first time I was called upon to stand up and talk about my new business, I froze. I was standing before a convention of forty, suited and booted delegates, each of them with a good fifteen years’ experience more than I in their respective fields.

Dammit! I thought, helplessly feeling my throat constrict and my kneecaps begin to juggle. Stage fright? Me?

I hadn’t struggled with the horrible, gut-melting fear for years. Now, as I dumbly locked my gaze with all of those quizzical, expectant faces, I knew I’d screwed up.

I’d spent much of my working life on stage, facing audiences of up to 25000 in a chequered career as an author, actor, lecturer and vocalist. Since childhood, I’d developed my own strategies of dealing with stage fright and, in later years, added some basic NLP techniques to my repertoire, thanks to Anthony Robbins and his smudgy-thumbed CDs.

I vowed it would never happen again. Once I’d recovered from the shock of my business talk debut, I decided to research what Top Business Speakers do and how I could nail it myself ….”

Read the full article HERE … and thanks, Tony!