19th August 2016

Vodacom Traffic Rangers Relaunch: Consumer Press Release

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching a Stallone movie. Choppers landing in the middle of a main road in peak-hour traffic, cars veering left and right to avoid the victim lying prostrate in a pool of blood from stab wounds, cops closing in fast on the would-be killer. In the centre of it all stands the hero – alerting air-traffic control, assisting the medics, calming hysterical commuters …

But it isn’t a movie. It isn’t even America. It’s Kromboom Road, Rondebosch. And the local hero is none other than one of Cape Town’s own Vodacom Traffic Rangers, “… chastising the roadhogs, defending commuters, chancing peak-hour traffic to bodily go where no scooter has gone before!”, as the radio advertisement goes.

It may be hard to believe that this sort of thing happens during an everyday event such as rush-hour in Cape Town. According to 567mw Cape Talk, however, it happens quite regularly. Acting as Ground Control for the patrolling Traffic Rangers who remain in constant communication with its studio, the talk radio station is the city’s only, real authority on the action that unfolds during Cape Town’s morning and afternoon rush-hours. Since 567mw Cape Talk’s launch two years ago, the Vodacom Traffic Rangers have helped hapless commuters everyday with mechanical breakdowns, detours and travelling times on the main routes. Says Roxy Mitchell, Marketing and Community Manager of 567mw Cape Talk:

“The Traffic Rangers allow the station to be visible on all major roads, but not only in a marketing sense. They really are out there – experiencing the challenges and frustrations of commuters.”

Indeed, their First Aid Emergency qualifications and invaluable help at the scenes of accidents have earned them a streetlevel reputation that’s as glowing as their bright yellow uniforms …

No longer. It’s all over. No more scooters, no more yellow visions of hope flashing past your window as you sit in bumper to bumper traffic. It’s true: the days of the scooter-riding, bright yellow Vodacom Traffic Rangers are gone.

But before you finish dialling-in to the 567mw Cape Talk studio to air your protests, you’ll hear it … the low throb of an imminent force that’s set to burst into the Mother City’s rush-hour: the all-new, re-vamped, black leather-clad, 567mw Cape Talk/Vodacom-branded, Harley look-alike Vodacom Traffic Rangers!

As the city’s traffic problems increase, so must the presence of the Traffic Rangers on the N1, N2, M3 and M5. As 567mw Cape Talk strides into the New Millennium with a widening audience, so the Traffic Rangers will leap into action with renewed vigour and bigger bikes. Much bigger, actually; they’ve traded in their scooters for 800cc Suzuki motorcycles that will make roadhogs everywhere crouch, trembling in the left lane.

So Capetonians need not fear, after all. They will continue to see the Vodacom Traffic Rangers on the four main routes during rush-hour, and will hear their traffic reports by staying tuned to 567mw Cape Talk between six-thirty and nine each morning, and between four and six each evening from Monday to Friday. The inimitable Vodacom Traffic Rangers will be at all the main 567mw Cape Talk-sponsored events, and are even taking part in 1999’s Toy Run …

… along with all the other grown-up bikes. Stay tuned.