7th September 2016

Winning With WIC

When the opportunity to submit to the Writing Industries Conference 2010 landed in my mailbox, I jumped at it. How often does an unknown writer get the chance to sit with an agent or an editor from a reputable agency or publishing house? Having the WIC acting as a facilitator willing to stick its foot in that proverbial slamming door on my behalf was an opportunity too good to miss.

I was thrilled to hear that I’d won a chance to meet with Oli Munson of Blake Friedmann Literary, TV and Film Agency to discuss my non-fiction book, “In The Blender”. I made sure that I was completely prepared:


  • my manuscript was complete – a final draft that was edited and proofread to a polished level and printed out in correct publishing format;
  • I took along a chapter outline (had it been fiction then that would have been a full synopsis), a short author bio and a prospective blurb for the book;
  • I had taken time to create a pitch that was no more than two sentences long and had learned it off by heart – practiced it, actually, in front of the mirror prior to the meeting! It was my responsibility to make the most of this chance.

The following week, Oli offered me an author’s contract with the agency, and I jumped over the moon. Thanks to his hard work, this was followed two months later by an offer from Piatkus that will see “In The Blender” published in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in October 2011. A separate deal is being negotiated for publication in America and Canada.

Piatkus (part of Little, Brown Book Group) has won the prestigious “Publisher of the Year” award this year. I met my publisher, Zoe Goodkin, at their London office for the first time three days ago. She has come up with some very good tips for strengthening the structure of the book, and so the first steps towards publication begin. Thanks, WIC, for holding that door open!