Our Audiovisual Capabilities

Audiovisual: Ah – the spell of theatre …

Whether it’s for radio, television, podcasting, vlogging, cinema or the stage, I am always happiest when I’m scriptwriting. I love it so much that I lecture in it, too.

There’s magic in stepping into a scene and witnessing it as it unfolds. Where there’s a need, there’s drama.

Your customer needs something from you, or you wouldn’t be in business. So believe it or not, however technical your business may be, there’s drama in it.

IMAGINANTICS will find it. Feelers for a good story, and all that …

My background is in theatre: I qualified as an actor and director. The first and probably the strongest idea I will have for your business will come from a storyline that involves drama.

Your customers will identify with it and love you for understanding them.

It’s a matter of trust, remember …

Voice Over and Session Work

Speaking of trust, the voice has it. Not just the one we agree on for your written message, but also the one we choose to speak it out loud.

I’m a voice artist and session vocalist, so you can rest assured I know what I’m listening for.

As a writer and director, I’ve worked with some of the best voices and producers in the world for years and will for you, too.

Some are household names (celebrities such as Tom Baker, Peter Dickson, Penelope Keith and Joanna Lumley to name but a few); others are easily recognised as national branding voices, such as Emma Clarke (Boots/London Tube) and Jon Briggs (Siri). While you don’t necessarily need a famous voice, virtually all voice artists work from their own home studios while I direct them online. Otherwise, external studios can be booked for the recording session.

IMAGINANTICS offers a full service for audio-visual projects, from the creative brief to post-production. No expensive middlemen for you to pay – I know the right experts well and work with them regularly.