Blogging your way to first page rankings?

How do you get to pop up on the first page of a search engine like Google? Do you need to dabble in a bit of blogging?

Well, it’s a simple path, but it’s the bit that needs the legwork.

If you want more website visitors, you need SEO. If you need SEO, you need fresh content. If you need fresh content, you need blog posts. If you need blog posts …

… oh, wait! That’s an IMAGINANTICS thing!

A regular blog written in the right voice, with the right tone for your brand and giving away great advice, stories and insights will always have a positive impact on your brand.

Marketing research shows that if your website were to have a regularly updated blog, you’d enjoy over 55% more traffic to your site than your ‘blogless’ competitors.

Think of what you could do with an extra 55% of good stuff.

Each of your blog posts includes SEO keywords, though with IMAGINANTICS you’ll never be able to tell. Your blog or any other form of content will never be crammed with keywords that make your eyes smart (I have a reputation to maintain, remember!). Context, meaning and entertainment will always be ranked highest by search engines and your customers alike.

I’ll work with you to find the best blogging and content marketing strategies, map out a route of ideas to get you there and then start scribbling.

There’s a lot of scribbling that ends up in the wastepaper basket. It takes time to get it right – even for a top notch writer who knows what she’s doing. These are early drafts – and while some of them might be my favourite versions, my professional head will always overrule my sometimes over-imaginative one.

These splurges are great idea fodder, though. Without them, I wouldn’t have many happy clients to vouch for me.