eBooks & eZines

eBooks and eZines… e-xcuse me?

Making yourself heard in Cyberspace can be daunting. Your business sits within a category that’s very well-populated in the online marketplace, regardless of how unique it may be. When the whole world is vying for the same slice of pie, you need to be bold, playful and inventive with your online marketing strategy.

Here’s a neat trick: publish a book.

Yes, a whole book.

And then (get this) – give it away! Or at least, sell it online for peanuts.

By cutting out agents and traditional publishers, you can create and publish your own masterpiece for a snip.

That doesn’t mean that the content of your book is peanuts, mind you. Far from it, especially if IMAGINANTICS writes it for you. Of course, it’ll be your name on the cover. You’ll be the author, IMAGINANTICS will be your ghostie … the elusive creator hiding in the wings watching you take centre stage.

It takes time and regular liaising within a structured timeframe made of section deadlines, but it’s worth it.

This is how you get to show your work. Unlike advertising messages, where you have to keep your message short and accurately targeted, an ebook or an ezine allows you the space to explain how you do things differently to your competitors, and why you’re the tops.

There are so many reasons why you should want to do this.

Want to share your business’s history with your team? Do you have a new staff complement that needs written training support? Would you like to share your career history with the world? Have you been toying with the idea of writing a book for ages but are too busy to get around to it? Have you already tried and then hit the proverbial ‘writer’s block’?

That’s where IMAGINANTICS comes in with shovels of experience in blending copywriting, content writing and creative writing. We don’t do blocks.

If you want to say quite a lot often, but not as much as a book every time, then publish an online magazine – an ‘ezine’.

Longer than an article but much shorter than “War And Peace”, with the possibility of carrying affiliated advertisers for added revenue or marketing value, an ezine under your name bears authority and information that will get shared as regularly as you publish it. You can keep it up to date, incorporating topical, newsy themes and even interviewing leaders in your circle – whether they be local or on the other side of the world.

Top tip: drop IMAGINANTICS a line.

We’re just as happy writing long messages at a snip as we are short, snappy ones.