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Of course, you know who your customers are. But when all the market research has been done, you still don’t know them personally. Once you have IMAGINANTICS content to share, we can help you to get to know them personally by producing web copy and inviting them to respond to it via social media.

After all, it’s a bit pointless dressing up in your new content finery without letting anybody see you.

Then, you can get to know more about who they are and, most importantly, how they feel.

How they feel determines how they spend, so the more your business gets them talking, the more hits your website will get.

The more visits your website gets, the more sales you make … ta daaa! Result.


Content writing is not a quick fix for your business to make more sales. It’s a part of a long term plan to make your business known; to drive more traffic to your website, and make you look great – really stand out from your competition.

Aim to build relationships with more of your customers and offer them real value. It takes time, creative strategy and writing expertise to get this right … which is where IMAGINANTICS comes in.

Loosely, creative writing entertains while content writing sells. It takes more than entertainment to be a good marketer, though. I know which technique to use and when, and how to mix them up to be most effective for you. Putting the right words in the right order is always a good thing, but it’s the central, imaginative idea that will make it memorable and powerful.

That’s the sort of appeal that will have new customers mooching around your site for longer, bookmarking it, sending links to their friends and commenting.

That’s the sort of activity that increases your SEO rankings over time.

Oh, and your sales.

That’s the sort of result we’re talking about!