Print Publications

Copy for Print Publications

You might consider using print publications as a part of your marketing strategy – whether it’s publishing a full in-house book of 75 000 words, a much smaller one of 7000 words, creating pamphlets, brochures and signs, or even your giving an interview for a magazine or newspaper.

This may sound ‘old school’ in the wake of all the billowing gung-ho you’ve read so far about your launching into cyberspace. However, print has a kudos all of its own. Just like the good ole’ days of the Hollywood greats, traditional print is a very flirty way to woo your market.

Let’s set your name in lights.

Online editors and social media gurus love a business with a story: it’s bold, playful and inventive.

What’s more, it’s an open invitation to have you comment and review others’ articles and features as a celebrity guest.

I have good experience with placing full features (five pages or more) with illustrations in major magazines and newspapers.

There’s never a guarantee that an editor will accept a pitched idea for a story. With IMAGINANTICS, though, you stand a much better chance of stardom than by going it alone or through a PR company. Press releases do not make good content – they merely fill information space.

Backing dancer stuff.

You deserve centre stage – right in the spotlight.

IMAGINANTICS doesn’t charge to pitch an idea to an editor. If one is accepted, great! We’re in business – welcome to Hollywood. I will explain how I hook editors and readers alike and show you samples of how I’ve won the roles before.

Again, it’s all about having good feelers for a story. Bold, playful and inventive ones.